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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there different sizes of fire extinguisher?

 - Yes all according to the risk.

What is a fire rating?

 - It determines the capability of the fire extinguisher when used on a pre-determined size of fire. This is marked on the fire extinguisher.

Do you do fire risk assessments?

 - Yes, please contact us for a quotation.

How do I dispose of a fire extinguisher?

 - They are unable to be put in general waste collections. We can collect any unwanted extinguishers for a small charge. If you purchase a replacement then we will take the old one away free of charge.

Can you refill a fire extinguisher? 

 - Yes, all fire extinguishers can be refilled. We have the capability to do this within our premises or can refill water extinguishers on site. 

Can fire extinguishers be recycled?

 - Yes they can but not through conventional recycling centres. We recycle all fire extinguishers in partnership with a company. All parts of the extinguisher can be recycled when completed by a professional company.

Are the contents dangerous?

 - Not if used carefully. Powder extinguisher contents are not dangerous but can be harmful to the  working environment, discretion to be used in the positioning. Foam spray should not be added to the water sewage system where possible due to the contents involved in the liquid.

Can I stand a fire extinguisher on the floor?

 - Ideally, extinguishers would be  mounted on a wall or a purpose made stand, otherwise it gets lost/hidden/damaged. There are certain height limits within the British Standards which must be adhered to.

How long does an extinguisher last?

 - 20 years is average, but it must be annually serviced and have periodic testing completed and recharging in accordance with the British Standards.

How do you test the gauge on an extinguisher?

 - We apply a back pressure to the exterior of the gauge using a purpose made finger pump, the needle should momentarily drop and return to position.


What is that smell?

 - Some extinguishers, whilst being opened up and serviced give off a nasty “bad egg” smell. It’s harmless and caused by a reaction between plastic linings and the water inside.


Can I buy an extinguisher on an internet site and use it straight away?

 - Extinguishers can be purchased from an internet site or local DIY store but all extinguishers must be commissioned by a qualified technician to British Standard BS 5306 before being installed. This is not always indicated on the websites.

Can you commission an extinguisher purchased elsewhere? 

 - Yes we can, please contact us for prices.

Do I need signage with my extinguisher?

 - Yes, extinguishers must be indicated by signs as per the British Standards requirements.


Do you provide safety signage?

 - Yes, we do provide safety signage which is required for commercial and domestic premises.

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