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The “Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005” which embraces all previous Fire Safety Laws requires fire extinguishers to be serviced at least once a year. Our BAFE Registered Technicians are able to service and maintain all your extinguishers and advise or recommend for all your future projects.


By law, employers must provide their staff with adequate means of tackling a fire in the workplace. There is also a legal obligation for a competent person to annually service the fire extinguishers to British Standard BS 5306 Part 3. In addition, all fire extinguishers must be maintained in working order and in good repair in between the services.  Avon Extinguishers can provide all the statutory checks required by law and we are happy to advise on all fire safety matters.


During a basic annual fire extinguisher service , the fire extinguisher technician will carry out various procedures on the fire extinguishers depending on their make and type. Generally, the service includes:


  • Checking all fire extinguisher parts such as: valves, safety devices, gauges, and operating mechanisms.

  • Checking that the pressure and weight is within the stated range.

  • Checking the body is not dented, corroded or gouged.

  • Issuing a Certificate of Inspection – a legal record of the maintenance carried out on the fire extinguishers to be kept by the customer and technician.


Please contact us to arrange a free survey or request our servicing prices.

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